March 2014 Report

In March Peter Lyons from the Ulster Chapter gave an excellent demo of turning a thin-walled bowl with a twisted rope decoration. He started with a block of green wood mounted on a faceplate. He turned the outside of the bowl and cut a chucking point on the base. Next he remounted the bowl in the chuck and took a few more fine cuts on the outside to ensure it was fully centred and straightened off the mouth of the bowl to the required height.
Next he cut a series of beads around the outside as decoration. He used a wire brush mounted on an electric drill to abrade the surface to give a rope-twist finish.
Finally he started to hollow out the bowl. He suggested leaving the centre intact and hollowing down from the rim, getting a very thin-walled vessel. Only when he was nearing the base of the bowl did he start to remove the central cone. He explained that this method helps to ensure the stability of the bowl while turning. Finally he used a faceplate jam chuck to turn off the chucking point on the base. Afterwards we enjoyed our usual excellent supper provided by Tony and Lorraine.