Eruptions at Tony’s

Yet again the strange things you find at Tony’s Workshop

23 24 25 26

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Great Weekend with William Creighton

The Down Chapter had the pleasure of the company of Willie Creighton at the weekend. Willie gave a great demonstration on various aspects of spindle turning followed by turning a bud vase from branch wood.

The following day was split into 3 sessions with four people per session, in these sessions, with the guidance of Willie, we attempted to reproduce the vase from the previous evenings demonstration from branch wood kindly supplied by Tony Rea.

Everyone enjoyed the sessions and all had a completed vase to take home.

After the sessions ended, Willie paid a visit to our oldest member and President of the Down Chapter, Frank Fox.. Anyone who has been to Franks workshops is fascinated by them and will always remember their time there and no visit is complete without refreshments kindly supplied by Franks wife Anna.

You can view the Chapter Magazine article on Frank here

That evening we held our annual dinner in the Burrendale Hotel with Willie as the guest of honour.

IMG_1147 IMG_1155 IMG_1160 IMG_1162 IMG_1170 IMG_1172 IMG_20150418_092950116 IMG_20150418_093045643_HDR IMG_20150418_101146090 IMG_20150418_101157547 IMG_20150418_122735205_HDR IMG_20150418_122952144_HDR IMG_20150418_125130882 IMG_1069 IMG_1094 IMG_1101 IMG_1110 IMG_1138 IMG_1142_2

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Woodworking Machinery Show

Woodworking Demo 25th April Ad

Woodturning Machine Show

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The new member of the chainsaw family

Big Chainsaw1

The rest of the family



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Armagh March 2015


IMG_20150307_135803817_HDR IMG_20150307_135757799 IMG_20150307_114733058 IMG_20150307_114719638 IMG_20150307_114709321_HDR IMG_20150307_114706306 IMG_20150307_114652662_HDR IMG_20150307_114645901_HDR

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Another Good Day in Armagh

Had another good day with Tony in Armagh, teaching the basic techniques of bowl turning.

2014-12-06 09.20.14 2014-12-06 10.06.53 2014-12-06 10.07.11 2014-12-06 10.19.51 2014-12-06 10.20.00 2014-12-06 10.51.44 2014-12-06 10.53.19 2014-12-06 11.13.51 2014-12-06 11.14.05 2014-12-06 11.14.26 2014-12-06 11.42.59 2014-12-06 14.10.31 2014-12-06 14.10.55 2014-12-06 14.32.42 2014-12-06 14.32.50 2014-12-06 15.17.35

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Getting Ready for Christmas

Just a few decorations for Christmas…

Trees 1


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Moria Model Farm Show

Tony  in his element with his well planned and executed model farm,

Click on an image to enlarge

2014-10-24 14.45.40 2014-10-24 14.45.52 2014-10-24 15.41.59 2014-10-24 15.42.24 2014-10-25 09.07.42 2014-10-25 09.07.58 2014-10-25 09.08.12

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Woodturning for Children’s Charity at Castleward Craft fair 2014.


Photos kindly supplied by Cliff Mason

1091a  1097a 1074a 1083a 1080a  1068a1071a

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Time to get the timber for next year…


Chainsaws 2 small Chainsaws 1 small Chainsaws 3 small

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